If your goal is to find a home for sale in Tampa Florida, Pinellas County, Pasco County, Hernando County or need assistance in marketing and selling your home, as your personal Realtor, my goal is to provide you with outstanding service.  Below is a list of my services and commitment I offer to you.



Home Score is the Absolute Ultimate in assurances when it comes to selling or buying a home and you and you only get it with People’s Choice“Don’t Sell or Buy your Home without it”
True “One Stop” Shopping
As you Personal Agent, I provide you a list of “selected and proven vendors for such services as mortgages; title and home insurance; home inspection and termite inspection as well as home warranty providers.
In a world where promises are often broken, ServicePlus! Shines like a beacon in the night! It’s my written Guarantee of both service and performance. It’s what is known as a “Win/Win” opportunity and you simply won’t find anything, any better, anywhere!
I Guarantee it!
A proven minimum standards qualifying system for determining a “Ready willing and Able Buyer”. RealCheck! Assures that only the best qualified, potential, buyers will be looking at your house. That means more assurances and less inconvenience to you in the sales process.
We want your selling or buying experience to be as stress free as possible… so we’ve got a great service help with any repairs situation.


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