Why Legacy Insurance?


The Role of Final Expense Insurance

Death may strike anyone prematurely.  When death takes the life of a family provider, surviving family members often suffer if they are left without adequate income or the means to provide even basic necessities.

However, some people face the unpleasant prospect of outliving their income. Retirement may be forced upon them before they have adequately prepared for a non-income earning existence.  Sickness and disability can also leave economic scars, often more intense than death.

Insurance evolved to produce a practical solution to economic uncertainties and losses.  Health insurance also evolved from scientific principles to provide funds for medical expenses due to sickness or injury and to cover loss of income during a disability.  Annuities provide income by making a series of payments to the annuitant for a specific period of time or for life.

Therefore, protecting your family the most important thing one can do and it's never too late to put a plan together to make sure your love ones are secured and have that peace of mind.

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